MiniMetro® - Miami International Airport

A MiniMetro® at Miami International Airport

The LEITNER - POMA Group  won a contract to equip Miami Airport (USA) with a MiniMetro®. Speed, silence, comfort, availability and eco-friendliness were the basic requirements for this new installation. Commissioning is planned for 2016. The new MiniMetro® is expected to transport over 30 million passengers every year.

Miami International Airport MiniMetro® will connect Concourse E of the main terminal to its Satellite E Terminal. The line is 1230 Feet long and the APM is comprised of 2 cabins transporting about 12,000 passengers per hour. The MiniMetro® employs the proven cable traction technology specifically developed for airport and urban applications. What makes this system so successful are simplified infrastructures, optimized passenger flow management, low pollution, silent operation, low maintenance and operation costs as well as extensive safety features.

After installing their mobility solutions in airports such as in Detroit, Minneapolis, Zurich, and Cairo, LEITNER - POMA continues to export the innovative MiniMetro® APM Systems. The first Miami MiniMetro® line will be commissioned at the beginning of 2016 and total operation will begin at the beginning of 2017 with the installation of the second MiniMetro® line.