Skylink - Frankfurt Airport
'Skylink' connects 'The Squaire' in Frankfurt Airport

NEWS: Funicular connects Futuristic Complex in the Frankfurt Airport

On February 2012 the funicular “The Squaire Metro” will connect the futuristic complex “The Squaire" in the Frankfurt airport with a nine-story parking structure that will offer places for up to three thousand cars. “The Squaire” is a gigantic construction, a glittering, futuristic spaceship 660 meters long, the interior of which will be brought to life by nearly a 100 elevators. Offices, shops, restaurants and two Hilton hotels will be located on a total of 139,000 square meters. It will distinguish itself through functionality but also through harmony, thanks to the spacious green oases that are excellently adapted to the highly modern building.
“The Squaire”, which incidentally will rise up directly over the railway station, will be a point of attraction for the millions of visitors to Frankfurt’s airport.
The three hundred meters route will be covered in one minute. The Skylink will run with two cabins of fifty passengers each on a trestle suspended sixteen meters above the ground and will be alluring through its lightness and design.
With a speed of up to 6 meters per second, the Squaire Metro will have a transport capacity of 1,700 passengers per hour in each direction.
The Squaire Metro will be in operation twenty-four hours a day, year round, and it will be controlled from a central control post, where a single technician will monitor the functioning of the entire system.
Wageneinhub im Skylink in Frankfurt
Wageneinhub im Skylink in Frankfurt