The Renaissance of the Cableway
The Renaissance of the Cableway, Innovative Urban Transportation Solutions

The Book. "The Renaissance of the Cableway"

The book 'The Renaissance of the Cableway' which has just been published is an interdisciplinary approach to the topic of cable-drawn passenger transportation systems in the city. It comprises the areas of history, technology, architecture, and urban and mobility planning. Brief, informative texts, info-graphics, and numerous photos do more than just offer a behind-the-scenes view of urban cableways – they also make the hardcover coffee-table book an experience for the senses. “In this book, you will experience cableways that transport people both to their jobs and for leisure time activities. In the basement of stations, colossal motors make massive rotations, pulling cars attached to kilometers of cables from station to station. Architects map out stations with futuristic appearances, transit authorities handle the design and equipping of the cars, and municipal authorities, by means of relatively minor actions, achieve broad-reaching improvements in transport in order to achieve a better quality of life for their citizens.”

The book has been published by Prokopp & Hechensteiner in a trilingual edition with English, German, and Italian.

Anton Seeber, The Renaissance of the Cableway
Innovative Urban Transportation Solutions from Leitner Technologies
Hardcover 30,5 x 24,5 cm, 144 pages, 40 Euro
ISBN 978-88-6069-006-7