Funicular, fixed grip in jig-back operation

Funiculars offer very flexible routing: straight and around bends, uphill and downhill.  The size of the carriers varies, and single carriers can be connected to form trains. 
With speeds of up to 14 m/s, funiculars are the fastest ropeways and offer the very best reliability and availability to meet public transport demands.  They also meet the strict technical requirements of ropeway operation.

Funiculars can be designed for either circulating or jig-back operation.
In jig-back operation two cabins or cars, or sometimes clusters of small cabins, go to and fro on the same side of the track. With jig-back design, passengers enter and exit in groups. The cable grip which connects the carrier to the haul rope is fixed design.

Technical features

Max. capacitiy

8,000 p/h/direction    

Max. incline

12 %

Min. curve radius

50 m

Section length

up to 4 km

Max. speed

50 km/h